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At Website Donee, we think that cooperation, openness, and trust are the only things that can foster client partnership.We offer our respected partners real-time, unique, and practical market research solutions with the use of cutting edge technology. And we really do practise what we teach,therefore it was made feasible. Modern project management tools, panel and data solutions, and much more are offered by us.

Our path

Began with a steadfast conviction to innovate in all areas. We have experimented with and implemented new techniques and technologies thus far because to just one simple notion. Our sustainable performance stems from our ability to win over clients and partners, which also helps us gain their trust and keep our position as the market leader.

Our organisation

Creates sustainable value both now and in the future by
operating from unwavering core beliefs. As we are constantly willing to apply our talents to new industries and clients, we possess the agility and flexibility to adjust
to your needs.Founding even the most “difficult to reach” respondents is something Website Donee  takes great satisfaction in, because to its extensive global network of respondents.

What we can do for you

Online Survey

Over the years, Website Donee has developed a strong portfolio of end-to-end market research services for some of the world’s most goal-oriented businesses.

Data Collection

The purpose of data collection is to generate insights that address your research questions, capture the phenomenon of interest, and take into consideration the context and diverse aspects of the human experience.

Data Processing

We consistently arrange, streamline, and make efficient use of your data information, from master data management to premium data processing services.


Our interviewers can obtain qualitatively informative feedback for you with the use of CATI, including the reasons behind respondents’ strong feelings about their responses and suggestions for how an organisation can enhance its offerings.

For us, Market Research starts with Data Collection Services

Being present all over the world with panels spread across several continents, we are one of the biggest providers of domestic and international B2B and B2C research firms. Dedicated to delivering on your difficult-to-reach audiences, our team comprises industry professionals who will create plans and roadmaps for sample and data collecting. From IT to Financial Decision Makers, Web Developers, Small industry Owners, and Geo-targeted Music Rating surveys, we cover a wide spectrum of industry categories. Since fraud prevention and quality improvement are our top priorities, we take great delight in providing the best security tool available. On any project commissioned through our network, it is used.

Project Managenemt

We have a futuristic project management system in place that is
routinely monitored. It would be easy to argue as we collaboratively
work with our partners, we are transparent and have provided clear
visibility into the entire process. We are confident enough to maintain
excellent data quality and win over clients because we have put all
these technological precautions into place.

At Website Donee , We do B2B Best

Our business-to-business research in the online domain is driven by
our respect for each panellist, which is centred around trust,
transparency, and security.

Global Footprint with over 20% of B2B Respondents Identified Globally

At Website Donee we can be a strongasset to you with highly engaged & qualified business panelists from across the globe. With us your can find a B2B panel as per your need in
different countries across the worked in country profile section of this panel book. 

Trusted by Hundreds of Business Researchers

We’re trusted by Researchers & our partners for a variety of Decision Makers spanning across 20+ verticals across
different industries. Our expertise lies in reaching and
engaging everyone from Gen Pop and Retail store to Senior
Level Executives from the biggest MNCs.

2/3rds of our Transactional Volume is B2B

We’re a highly focused on B2B
research with explains why more 2/3rs of our clients come to use for B2B services.

Highly Efficient Team of B2B Experts

Not only do we know B2B the best, but we brought industry leading top talent and train
highly specialized project
managers who work on our B2B projects. We offer bespoke solutions with high
focus on quality and reliability.


How working with Website Donee benefits you: In- depth consumer profile traits that we directly gathered from the community, correct data and audience, and our dependability and flexibility are additional benefits that you will receive in addition to the facts we have already given on the preceding pages.


With respondents from all around the world, B2B clients can find solutions with Website Donee’s exclusive tool. With more than 1500 profile features for B2B and B2C audiences, we provide an incredible response rate that even surpasses the top response rate in the market. With extremely strategic investments in our supply, security, and support, we are constantly expanding.


Basic Attributes

  • Business Type 
  • Industry Segment 
  • Annual Revenue
  • Number of Employees at All Locations
  • Number of Employees at Local Location

Business Professional

  • Title Occupation Functional Role
  • Purchase Decision Makers Primary Role
  • Human Resources Role 

Expanded Business Variables by Industry

  • Business Services
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Consulting Consumer
  • Products Consumer Services
  • Entertainment / Sports
  • Energy & Utilities / Oil & Gas
  • Food / Beverages / Restaurant
  • Media / Publishing
  • Non-Profit Retail
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Travel / Hospitality / Leisure Legal

ITDM / IT Roles

  • Type of IT Professional Developer Roles
  • Primary IT Functions/Responsibility Roles in Various IT Areas Including: PCs, Tablets, or Client Devices
  • Mobile Technology/Applications Servers
  • Data Center Cloud Computing
  • Network/Data Technology Voice Technology
  • Business Applications & Process


  • Educator Role
  • Educator – Education Level Type

Educator – Educational Institute


  • Legal Occupation Legal Role Real Estate
  •  Type of Business
  • Primary Real Estate Role Banking / Financial Services / Insurance 
  • Type of Business
  • Primary Role Transport & Logistics 
  • Type of Business
  • Professional Driver Work Type

Government / Military

  • Law Enforcement / Emergency Service Types
  • Military Branch of Part-Time Service Military Branch Served
  • National Guard Service Branch Military Service Status Government Level of Employment

Business Owner

  • Type of Business Owned / Operated
  • Type of Personal Service


  • Healthcare / Medical Professionals Nursing
  • Physician Primary Specialty


At Website Donee, we value effective hiring. We work with a wide range of people from different demographic backgrounds, and we use our internal methods to sort through them. We select the most enthusiastic and in- demand panellists.

Basic Demographics

  • Gender Age
  • Marital Status Language
  • Number in Household Children
  • Education Household Income 
  • Employment Status Own or Rent Region
  • Sexual Orientation Ethnicity or Race Hispanic Origin


  • Service Provide
  • Role in Decision

Tobacco Products

  • Products  Used Cigarettes by Brand Smoking Habits & History 
  • Smoking Cessation or Alternatives Used

Department Stores

  • Shopping Frequency
  • Items Purchased

Dining Out

  • Frequency
  • Amount Spent Per Person
  • Type of Restaurant Considerations


  • Auto Insurance Provider Home Insurance Provider
  • Health Insurance Provider Health Insurance Coverage

Consumer Banking

  • Interest Financial Advice
  • Online Trading Accounts Financial Advisor Investment Account Types Investment Account Firm Primary Brokerage Firm Type of Checking Account
  • Primary Mutual Fund Firm Retirement Firm
  • Total Investable Assets Type of Investment Financial Products Credit Cards
  • Financial Institutions
  • Groceries
  • Primary Shopper Stores Shopped
  • Amount Spent Per Week

Beer, Wine, Liquor

  • Beverage Consumption Beer Consumption
  • Domestic / Import / Craft Beer Brands 
  • Wine Purchases Liquor Type & Brands


  • Television
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Magazine Readership
  • Radio Stations


  • Vehicles in Household Type of Automobile Primary Make, Model, Year
  • Secondary Make, Model, Year DIY Maintenance Intent to Buy

Home Features / Improvements

  • Home Improvement/ Upkeep / Repair
  • Role in Decision Making
  • Lawn Equipment Used

Travel for Leisure

  • Travel Websites Used Car Rental
  • Airlines Hotels

Interests / Hobbies

  • General
  • Health / Fitness / Wellness Hobbies / Leisure
  • Outdoor Activities Sports Activities

Electronics / Gadgets

  • Electronic Devices Owned Desktop & Notebook Computer Printer
  • Tablet or e-Reader 
  • Online Activities Internet
  • Video Game Accessories Video Game System

Mobile Phone

  • Mobile Phone Use Type of Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Only Phone User Operating Systems Network Providers
  • Average Monthly Billing Contract Type
  • Plan Type
  • Role in Decision Phone Brand

General Household

  • Pets or Animals
  • Recreational Vehicles

Ailments and Health Conditions

  • Allergy / Asthma / Respiratory Arthritis / Joint Ailments Autoimmune / Blood
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular / Heart Diabetes / Thyroid / Obesity Gastric / Digestive / Urinary Male / Female Health
  • Mental Health Neurologic / Nervous Pain
  • Skin / Dermatologic Sleep Disorders
  • Vision / Hearing Impairments

Our Geographical Reach


  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam


  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Portugal
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Cambodia
  • Jamaica
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Nigeria
  • Ethiopia
  • South Africa


  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Greece
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Slovakia
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates


  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Mexico


  • Australia
  • New Zealand



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